Knots that Fail- AU Kuroshitsuji fanfic

Title: Knots that Fail
Rating: PG-13
Characters: (female) Ciel, Sebastian, (Mentioned Ellis/Ciel)
Warnings: This story deals directly with abortion.  Slight mentions of sex, nudity, violence.
Summary:  As of her next birthday, Ciel will have spent more of her life with Sebastian than without him.  She's lived ten years too long for her liking and has no intention of leaving orphans behind.

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Mon Ami

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Title: A Few Favors
Pairing: Tamaki/Haruhi
Rating:  R (I think. It's quite dirty, but more funny than smutty.)
Summary: Law school is tough and Haruhi is stressed out.  That's nothing a booty call from an old schoolmate won't fix. 
Warnings: Sexual content (pegging), language

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Modern AU: Will/Grell

Title:  Succulent and Dry
Characters/Pairing:  Will/Grell (Mentions of Hannah, Luka and Alois)
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 6700+
Warnings: Language (Including the C word), Sexual discussions (It's Grell, why wouldn't there be?), mentions of violence, Jane Eyre references (catch the Utena reference and I give you a great big high-five)
Summary:  Modern AU:  Grell's taking time off of her job as a bad cop and professional manic-pixie-dream-girl to recover from surgery.  Will brings her a present.

Special thanks to kenjideath  who inspired this AU to begin with, and was wonderful at editing and beta-reading this for me.  <3

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All Tomorrow's Parties- AU Kuroshitsuji fic

Title: All Tomorrow's Parties
Characters/pairing: One-sided Sebastian/female!Ciel, Ellis/Ciel (that's Lizzie/Ciel in this AU, because try as I might, I couldn't justify an arranged lesbian marriage in Victorian England)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Triggers: Conflating of violence and sexuality, mentions of rape, vague hints of Electra complex, (It's perhaps worth noting that Ciel is 16 in this story)
Summary:  AU: Countess Ciel Phantomhive hates dressing for formal events.  It usually involves a corset.

Notes and such:
Some Relevant Sketches:  12 Year Old Ciel  and Sebastian is the most inordinately evil looking hairdresser ever

Also, this 1876 dinner gown is pretty close to what I imagine Rachel's to look like.  (Or possibly this one; 1874)

ETA extra notes:
-The late 19th century was one of the worst times in terms of restrictive and ridiculously shaped corsets, so much so that it began to generate backlash, yet not a great deal of significant change was made to the fashion by Ciel's time, in spite of the efforts of physicians and feminists alike.  A few rebels took it upon themselves to design less restricting garments, however they didn't catch on until the Edwardian period some years later, where the popular silhouette made a return to the empire waist much like it had during the regency era.  (The term 'empire waist' didn't come into popular use until that time either.  We'll just say that it was all Ciel's idea)

-In flower language, Rosemary symbolises memory.  Jasmine is a symbol of amiability, modesty and elegance.  Jasmine largely comes from southeast asia, which probably would have made it more of a precious fragrance at the time than rosemary, a common garden herb.

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Some of that old Hollywood Glamor

Because I'm in love with Marlene Dietrich and the whole 20's-30's era right now and because it seems like quite a few decent actresses of that time did a little bit of drag...

Come on, you don't think Grell wouldn't dabble?  It's for art!

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Kind of want to do a companion pic with her all femme'd up in 20's style.  Maybe with Madame Red too?  and then they become merry murderesses of the jazz age yessssss

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Title: Gooseflesh
Rating: R
Length: 2400 words
Pairing: Undertaker x Ronald Knox
Summary: Undertaker takes a bath
Warnings: Sexual content and necrophilia jokes

Notes: Once again, props baeckahaesten  for editing this and teaching me how to English the proper way.  Who knew how ever so many affectations could be construed as Cockney?

I went on about a dozen side-tracking research missions for minor throwaway details, before I finally realized, "Wait a minute, this is Black Butler.  It'd be weird if it wasn't historically inaccurate.  FUCK THIS!"

Anachronism Stew:

I'm swearing off excessive notes, I promise.

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Kuroshitsuji Macros

Those of you who follow me on tumblr have probably already seen some of these, and if not, here are my contributions to the internet's landfill of ridiculous shoops and silly shit.

Warning for gratuitous memes and off-color jokes.  (All images here edited by me, unless otherwise noted)

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Fic- "God is Laughing"

Title: God is Laughing
Character: William T Spears, Mentions of other Reapers
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG (General death-related things)
Summary: William passes judgment on the souls of Jack The Ripper's victims and reflects on what it takes to be a Grim Reaper

Note:  Did you know that there's no such thing as a Valedictorian in England?  Yeah, me neither until my awesome beta-reader and British wife, baeckahaesten  pointed it out.

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